Scorefile Commands and Functions

RTcmix scorefile commands are used to set up and control the execution of RTcmix. They also include a number of utility commands for algorithmic music-creation work using the default Minc scorefile parser. RTcmix commands generally return values that are Minc type float, but others return strings or lists. Descriptions below ending in “(legacy)” indicate older, replaced commands with newer equivalents described along with the command.

Although these commands are designed to be used within an RTcmix scorefile, they can also be used as part of an embedded application, working in conjunction with the RTcmix object.

Listed by Topic


System Functions (Affect the overall behavior of RTcmix)

Information Functions (Retrieve information about sound and data files)

Math/Data/Numerical Conversion

Pitch-Specification Conversion

Random-Number Commands

Envelope/Control (Function tables, Interface connections, PField variables)

There are a few older, disk-based cmix commands that are not documented here (commands like open, input, output, etc.). They have all been superceded by RTcmix commands, and it isn’t guaranteed that they work very well. See the source code if you are Seriously Interested.

Listed in Alphabetical Order