Create and use a window to display PField data from pfield-handle or table-handle (or similar derived PField) variable, or capture PField data into a file.


pfield = makemonitor(input_handle, “monitor_type”, arg1, arg2, …)


makemonitor is a utility command used to set up a mechanism for viewing or recording data from a PField variable, the input_handle. The “monitor_type” string determines which ‘monitoring’ operation will be performed. The arguments vary depending on each monitor_type.


Monitor Types


   xval = makeconnection("mouse", "x", 0, 100, 50, lag=50)
   makemonitor(xval, "display", "x-value", "pts")

This set of scorefile commands should create two different windows, one from the first makeconnection command for capturing mouse position, and the other (smaller) window used to display the x-axis location of the mouse.

See Also

maketable, modtable, makeconnection, makeLFO, makerandom, makeconverter, makemonitor