Instrument Design

RTcmix provides a set of C/C++ functions and objects for constructing new signal-processing and synthesis instruments. The source code for most of these low-level routines are in the “RTcmix/lib” and “RTcmix/sys” subdirectories of the RTcmix distribution.

In addition to the reference material below, a tutorial is available for creating and compiling RTcmix instruments.

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Processing Control/Sound Input & Output



Pitch-specification Conversion Routines

Random-Number Routines

Function-table Slot Operations




Disk-based (non-realtime) Functions

There are a number of older ‘disk-only’ sound synthesis and signal-processing functions that may be encountered in instrument design. These were originally developed for the non-realtime cmix music programming language from which RTcmix was derived. RTcmix actually encapsulates all of the earlier cmix code, so that these funcions that have not been ported to RTcmix still work. We include documentation for these older disk-based functions mainly for those compelling “historical” reasons, because none of them will access the real-time audio stream of sound.