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Standalone Commands and Functions

RTcmix includes several utility programs for working with soundfiles, printing information, etc. These are "standalone" executables, designed to work as commands typed into a Terminal or Shell window. For the commands to work it is assumed that your $path is set correctly so that the "RTcmix/bin" (or similar installed location for RTcmix commands) is searched (see the installation guide).
  • CMIX/PCMIX/PYCMIX -- run RTcmix with the Minc, Perl, or Python parsers
  • F1/F2/I1/I2 -- write a soundfile header
  • cmixplay/play -- play a soundfile
  • cpspch -- print the frequency of an oct.pc representation
  • hist -- print an amplitude or FFT plot in ASCII representation
  • pchcps -- print the oct.pc representation of a frequency
  • resample -- convert sampling rate of soundfiles
  • rescale -- convert floating-point soundfiles to 16-bit integer soundfiles; normalize amplitude
  • setup_rtcmixrc -- create a .rtcmixrc configuration file
  • sfcreate -- create a soundfile header. or alter an existing one
  • sffixsize -- update the soundfile size data in the soundfile header
  • sfhedit -- edit soundfile header data
  • sfprint -- print soundfile header information
  • sfshrink -- shrink (or extend) a soundfile
  • sndreverse -- reverse (in time) a soundfile