an open-source digital signal processing and sound synthesis language
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RTcmix is a real-time software "language" for doing digital sound synthesis and signal-processing. It is written in C/C++, and is distributed open-source, free of charge. In certain respects, it is similar in function to other extant unit-generator-based software languages such as CSOUND, SuperCollider and (to a lesser extent) JSyn and Max/MSP -- they do share a common heritage, after all. There are some differences, however, between all these languages... and variety is of course the spice of life!

So if you've been searching the web high and low for just the right library of DSP functions to include in your latest&greatest "killer" (or maybe "peacefully coexisting"?) app, then RTcmix may just be the Right Package for You.

RTcmix is available in several different contexts:

  • Standalone
    A command line version that runs on most Unix-like systems, including various flavors of Linux, Mac OS X, IRIX, and FreeBSD.

  • rtcmix~
    Objects compiled for use in the Max/MSP and Pd graphical programming environments.

  • iRTcmix
    For use in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps.