Time-varying pitch transposition.

in RTcmix/insts/std

quick syntax:

TRANSBEND(outsk, insk, dur, amp, pitchenvgenno[, inputchan, pan])

Param Field Parameter Units Dynamic Optional Notes
p0 output start time seconds no no  
p1 input start time seconds no no  
p2 output duration or endtime if negative no no seconds
p3 amplitude multiplier relative multiplier of input signal no no  
p4 function table number for pitch transposition control envelope - no no  
p5 input channel - no yes default: 0
p6 pan 0-1 stereo; 0.5 is middle no yes default: 0

This instrument assumes function table 1 is the amplitude envelope.

This instrument has not been updated for pfield control; see the usage notes below.

Author: Doug Scott 9/3/2000

TRANSBEND performs a time-varying transposition on an input signal using cubic spline interpolation. This is essentially the same thing as TRANS, except that you can change the transposition factor dynamically using the older makegen control envelope sysystem.

Usage Notes

Because of the new pfield-enabled control envelope system, TRANSBEND has now been largely superceded by the TRANS and TRANS3 instruments. The paramters of TRANSBEND are the same as with these instruments. See the TRANS Usage Notes for more information.

Sample Scores

very basic:

   rtsetparams(44100, 2)
   dur = DUR(0)
   amp = 1
   pan = 0.5
   /* amplitude curve */
   setline(0,0, 1, 1, 90, 1, 100, 0)
   /* transpose from 4 semitones up to 8 down - stored in gen slot 2 */
   makegen(-2, 18, 512, 1,.04, 512,-.08)
   TRANSBEND(0, 0, dur, amp, 2, 0, pan)

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