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uRTcmix Scoralyzer

October, 2019

The wonderful, amazing "scoralyzer" program (OSX and Windows) converts complex RTcmix scores into String variables that can be used inside a Unity C# script. When you run the "scoralyzer" program, a Terminal window will open up with the instruction:
    paste in your score and then hit RETURN and type CTRL-D
If you follow the instructions, the Terminal window will display something like this:
    -------------- C# formatted rtcmix score start --------------
    String score = "i... [formatted RTcmix score] ..."
    -------------- C# formatted rtcmix score end --------------
    [Process completed]
If you copy/paste the lines between the "-----" delimiters, you can then use the variable "score" in an RTcmix.SendScore() operation.

When finished, close/shutdown the Terminal window.