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iRTcmix Xcode Project Setup Guide

After completing these steps to set up an Xcode Project, you'll have a blank Project that is ready to use the iRTcmix library.
  1. Start

  2. Select menu File -> New -> Project

  3. Select iOS Application in the left column then select Single View Application; click Next

  4. Give your project a Product Name, Company Identifier (com.yourcompany), Device Family (choose iPhone or iPad if you're just starting out), leave all checkboxes unchecked; click Next

  5. Navigate to directory in which you wish to save your project and click Create

  6. Drag libIRTCMIX.a (in the iRTcmix Library folder of the iRTcmix distribution) from the Finder into the Frameworks group/folder of the Project Navigator pane in Xcode (on the left of the main project window)
    • check Copy items into destination group's folder

  7. Drag RTcmixPlayer.h, RTcmixPlayer.m, RTcmixScore.h and RTcmixScore.m from the Finder into the Project Navigator pane in Xcode (wherever you want them)
    • check Copy items into destination group's folder

  8. Select your YourProjectName in the Project Navigator (top item in the left column) then select YourProjectName under Targets
    • Choose the Summary tab
    • Click the + in the Linked Frameworks and Libraries section (you may need to scroll down to see this heading)
    • Select AudioToolbox.framework

  9. Still in YourProjectName under Targets
    • Click the Build Settings tab
    • Find Other Linker Flags (under the Linking heading, scroll down about 1/3)
    • add -lstdc++ to the field to the right of Other Linker Flags

    • Click the Build Phases tab
    • Drag RTcmixPlayer.m and RTcmixScore.m into the Compile Sources section (if they aren't already there)