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If OSX is complaining that the app or library for RTcmix ([rtcmix~]) isn't allowed to run because it isn't from one of their 'signed developers', the following should set the permissions so it can work:
1.  start up a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/

2.  type in:

      "sudo xattr -rd "

without the quotes (and note the space at the end -- it has to be there)

3. Drag/Drop the RTcmix folder you downloaded** from the Finder into
the Terminal window with the "sudo ..." command typed in.  The result
should be a line in the Terminal window that looks something like this
(for Max/MSP, different for pd):

      sudo xattr -rd /Users/Shared/Max\ 8/Library/RTcmix-2.01/

4.  Hit <return>, give your password, and hopefully(!) all will be happy.

**(probably RTcmix-2.01/ in the Shared/Max 8/Library folder for Max/MSP,
or the rtcmix~/ folder in Documents/Pd/externals for pd)

Brad Garton
July, 2020