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sfprint - print soundfile information


sfprint [-v] [-q] filename [filename...]


Prints the following information about a soundfile: the header type and data format, the sampling rate, the number of channels, the number of bytes per sample word ("class''), the maximum amplitude value for each channel and its location (if available), and the duration of the sound.

Without a filename argument, sfprint prints a help summary.


Also print the number of sample frames and the header size.

Don't print anything, not even error messages. Only return status.


0 if successful; 1 if any of the file arguments is not a sound file.


The output is roughly in the same format as sfprint in classic cmix.

Recognizes any sound file type understood by the sndlib sound file library, including AIFF, AIFC, WAV, NeXT, Sun, IRCAM, among others. Raw (headerless) sound files are not recognized and will produce an error message.

See Also

sfcreate, sfhedit, sffixsize


John Gibson <johgibso at indiana edu>, based on the original Cmix sfprint, but revised to work with multiple soundfile header types. Thanks to Bill Schottstaedt, whose sndlib sound file library makes this possible.