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sfhedit - edit soundfile header


sfhedit [ -c num_channels ] [ -i | -f ] [ -p ] [ -r sampling_rate ] [ -w ] [ -z ] file_name


sfhedit lets you edit some parts of a soundfile header. Without a file_name argument, sfhedit just prints a help summary.


-c num_channels
Set the number of channels to num_channels.

Set the sample data format to floating-point.

Set the sample data format to 16-bit (short) integer.

Interactively asks you for the peak amplitude and frame location for each channel.

-r sampling_rate
Set the sampling rate to sampling_rate.

Throws you into vi so you can edit the comment.

Truncates the data in the file, leaving only the header.


There are currently some problems with this program. Don't use it on anything irreplaceable.

See Also

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