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system - perform any system call




This provides a way to do from an RTcmix script most anything you could do from a unix shell. The directory in which the command will execute is the directory in which RTcmix was invoked.

NOTE: This feature is disabled in iRTcmix because of restrictions on iOS apps placed by Apple.


A double-quoted string giving unix shell command to perform.


The return value of the shell command.


The call is performed during the initialization portion of an RTcmix script that contains calls to real-time instruments. That is, it happens while RTcmix is parsing the script, but before it has run any of the instruments called in the script. This means you can't use system to opertae upon a sound file generated by instruments in the script, because the file won't contain anything yet when system does its work.


   system("rm -f pvoctest.aif")
   system("ls -l *.aif")
This will remove the file "pvoctest.aif" and then list the contents of the current working directory.

See Also

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