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srand - seed the random number generator


srand([ seed ])

Parameters inside the [brackets] are optional.


Call srand to seed RTcmix's built-in random number generator before using one of the random functions.

You can call srand more than once in a script, if you want to restart the random number generator.

If you don't use srand, RTcmix uses 1 as the random seed.


The seed can be any integer. Starting with a specific seed causes a random function to generate the same series of numbers every time you run the script. (Though it's possible that different platforms will give different results from the same script.)

If not present, then the seed is taken from the system microsecond counter. This means that the series of numbers generated by random functions will be different every time you run the script.


   value = rand()
prints 0.02770996 every time you run the script.
   value = rand()
prints a different number every time you run the script, because the seed is never the same (since it comes from the microsecond counter).
   for (start = 0; start < 10; start = start + 0.5) {
      frequency = (random() * 200) + 300
      WAVETABLE(start, dur, amp, frequency)
plays a series of notes with frequencies between 300 and 500 Hz. This series will be the same every time you run the script.

See Also

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