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samptable - return a specified value from a table given an associated table-handle variable


val = samptable(table_handle, [ interp_type, ] index)

Parameters inside the [brackets] are optional.


samptable returns the value at table element index of the table from the table_handle variable. table_handle is instantiated using the maketable scorefile command. The optional interp_type specifier determines if a fractional index will be interpolated between two of the table values, or will be 'rounded down' (truncated) to the nearest integer table location.


The table-handle identifier for the table.

This optional string argument can be either "interp" or "nointerp", with the "interp" specifying a simple linear interpolation between adjacent table values if the requested table-location index is fractional. "nointerp" will simply round downwards (truncate the fractional part) to return a value.

"interp" is the default setting.

If index is an integer or of the optional "nointerp" specifier has been set, then sampfunc will return the value of the table at location index in the table array. An index with a fractional part will return a linear-interpolated value between two adjacent (integer)index locations in the table array. Note that these table arrays begin numbering at 0.


Returns to the script the value at the index (or interpolated between index and index+1) in the table array.


   table = maketable("literal", "nonorm", 0, 8.00, 8.02, 8.03, 8.05, 8.07)
   tablelength = tablelen(table)

   for (i = 0; i < 10; i = i+1) {
      val = samptable(table, "nointerp", irand(0, tablelength))

val will be set to a different, random value of the table for each iteration of the loop. Setting the optional specifier "nointerp" will guarantee that val will assume values taken directly from the table.

See Also

maketable, modtable, makefilter, copytable, dumptable, tablelen