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print - print the values of the arguments


print(somevar[, othervars...])

Parameters inside the [brackets] are optional.


print will print the interpreted values of its arguments to the screen. The command will interpret various Minc data-types and attempt to produce an accurate representation of their values. It will print multiple values on a single output line if multiple values are given as input. print returns 0 to the Minc environment.

print will ignore the value set for printing using the set_option, print_on or print_off commands and always print its arguments.


somevar, othervars
The variable (or number, etc.) whose value will be printed


The following scorefile:

a = 7.8
b = 8.9
c = {1, 2, 3}
print(a, b, c)
will produce the following output:
7.8, 8.9, [1, 2, 3]

See Also

printf, type, dumptable, set_option, print_on, print_off