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pickwrand - return a weighted random choice from a set of numbers


value = pickwrand(number1, probability1 [, number2, probability2, ... numberN, probabilityN ])

Parameters inside the [brackets] are optional.


Call pickwrand to choose randomly among several numbers that you specify, with a probability for each number.

It's a good idea to call srand once to seed the random number generator before using pickwrand. Otherwise, a seed of 1 will be used.


There can be as many number, probability pairs as you like, as long as there is at least one pair.

A probability argument determines how likely it is that pickwrand will choose the corresponding number argument. The higher the probability, the more likely.

The total probability is the sum of all the probability arguments.


One of the number arguments to pickwrand, selected randomly in accordance with the given probabilities.


   while (outskip < ending_time) {
      stereo_loc = pickwrand(0.0, 10,  0.5, 80,  1.0, 10)
      WAVETABLE(outskip, dur, amp, frequency, stereo_loc)
      outskip = outskip + 0.2

plays WAVETABLE notes, panning them in accordance with the following probabilities: 10% of the notes will pan to hard left, 10% of the notes will pan to hard right, and 80% of the notes will pan to the center.

See Also

irand, srand, trand, random, rand, pickrand, spray_init, get_spray, maketable("random")