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makeinstrument - create handle for CHAIN


inst_handle = makeinstrument("INSTRUMENT_NAME", inst_arg0, inst_arg1, ...);


makeinstrument is used to create handles for instruments that will become the arguments to the CHAIN instrument. These are functionally identical to instruments created in the normal fashion.


The name of the instrument to be created. This will always match the name that would have been used in a normal instrument call.
inst_arg0, inst_arg1, ...
The first, second, etc., arguments that would have been handed to the instrument in a normal call.


Example: Create a TRANS instrument handle:

	outskip = 0;
	inskip = 0;
	dur = 2;
	amp = 100;
	transposition = -0.09;

	trans = makeinstrument("TRANS", outskip, inskip, dur, amp, transposition);

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