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dumptable - print the contents of a table from an associated table-handle variable to a terminal or a file


table = dumptable(table_handle[, "filename"])

Parameters inside the [brackets] are optional.


dumptable is a useful utility that will print the contents of a table associated with a particular table-handle to the screen, or to a text file if the optional filename is given.


The table-handle identifier for the table.

This optional string argument refers to a file that will contain the printed output from the dumptable command. This text file can be identified using an absolute or a relative path -- i.e. if the filename is given with no path information the file will be created in the directory where the scorefile is invoked.


Returns 0.0 if the printing is successful, -1.0 if there was an error


   table = maketable("wave", 10, 1)

The above score will produce the following output to the screen:

   0 0.000000
   1 0.618034
   2 1.000000
   3 1.000000
   4 0.618034
   5 0.000000
   6 -0.618034
   7 -1.000000
   8 -1.000000
   9 -0.618034

See Also

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