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PEAK/RIGHT_PEAK/LEFT_PEAK - return amplitude peak information


val = PEAK()
val = LEFT_PEAK()
val = RIGHT_PEAK()
val = PEAK(start, end)
val = LEFT_PEAK(start, end)
val = RIGHT_PEAK(start, end)


These commands operate upon the most recently opened input soundfile by the rtinput command. PEAK returns the overall peak for both channels, RIGHT_PEAK and LEFT_PEAK return the peak amplitudes for the left (channel 0) and right (channel 1) channels, respectively. The optional start and end parameters are starting and ending times to scan the soundfile (in seconds).

These routines will attempt to read the peak amplitude(s) stored in the soundfile header. If this is not possible, then the soundfile itself will be scanned. They do not work on a real-time audio input device.


The number of seconds to skip before starting the peak amplitude scan

The endpoint (in seconds) to stop the peak amplitude scan


   peakval = PEAK()

   lpeakval = LEFT_PEAK(3.4, 7.8)

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