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MAXBANG -- utility instrument used to generate a 'bang'
in rtcmix~/iRTcmix: RTcmix/insts/maxmsp

quick syntax:
    This instrument has no pfield-enabled parameters.

   p0 = time to generate the bang (seconds)

   Author Brad Garton, 1/2004

MAXBANG sends a 'bang' out the right outlet of the rtcmix~ object. It can also be used in iRTcmix for iOS.

Usage Notes

MAXBANG works by setting a flag when the MAXBANG note is scheduled. An internal function, check_bang(), determines if the flag has been set. If it has, it produces a 'bang' at the right outlet of the Max/MSP rtcmix~ object.

MAXBANG can also be used in iRTcmix for timing and scheduling purposes (the check_bang() function is called directly in the application developer code).

MAXBANG is limited by the vector or buffer size, so it is not sample-accurate. Scheduling more then one 'bang' within a vector or buffer will only result in one 'bang' at the vector/buffer boundary.

Sample Scores

very basic:
   rtsetparams(44100, 1)
   load("MAXBANG")      // note:  the "load" is not necessary in rtcmix~/iRTcmix

   // send a bang 1.5 seconds after receiving this score

See Also

MAXMESSAGE, rtcmix~, iRTcmix