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HENON -- Henon map noise generator
in RTcmix/insts/neil

quick syntax:
HENON(outsk, dur, AMP[, A, B, X, Y, UPDATE, PAN)

CAPITALIZED parameters are pfield-enabled for table or dynamic control (see the maketable or makeconnection scorefile commands). Parameters after the [bracket] are optional and default to 0 unless otherwise noted.

   p0 = output start time
   p1 = duration
   p2 = amplitude multiplier
   p3 = a [optional, default is 1.4]
   p4 = b [optional, default is 0.3]
   p5 = x [optional, default is 1]
   p6 = y [optional, default is 1]
   p7 = update rate for p3-p6 [optional, default is 1000]
   p8 = pan (in percent-to-left format) [optional, default is .5]

   p2 (amp), p3-p6 (function parameters), p7 (update rate), and p8 (pan)
   can receive updates from a table or real-time control source.

   p3-p6: Try values within a few tenths of the defaults given here.

   Author: Neil Thornock (neilthornock at gmail), 11/12/16.

Function from the Henon map by Michel Henon.

Usage Notes

HENON is a chaotic noise generator. Pfields p3-p6 default to classical Henon map values. Varying these parameters will lead to a variety of different results. Try values within a few tenths of the defaults given.

Pfield p7 (update rate) is how many times per second p3-p6 are updated and affects the frequency. Values greater than 0 and less than sample rate divided by 5 are valid.

Sample Score

   rtsetparams(44100, 2)

   HENON(0, dur=100, amp=4000, a=1.4, b=0.3, x=1, y=1, update=1000, pan=0.5)

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