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waveshaping signal-processor

whsape takes a sample, a pointer to a transfer function table (see floc to use a function table slot) and the length of the transfer function table (see fsize) and returns a 'waveshaped' (table-lookup) version of the sample.

From the source code:

float wshape(float x, float *f, int len)
x = sample
f = pointer to the transfer function table
len = length of the transfer function table
Example of use:

float insample, outsample, *transfunc, int len;

transfunc = floc(2); // use function table slot # 2 from scorefile
len = fsize(2);


for (i = 0; i < framesToRun(); i++) {
   insample = someinputsample;

   outsample = wshape(insample, transfunc, len);