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older disk-based cmix instruments

[note: this function is not superceded by anything in RTcmix, as it is no longer needed.]

Here is the original documentation:


    #include "ugens.h"

    int filenum;


Endnote merely writes what it thinks is the current overall peak amplitude of the soundfile in the soundfile descriptor, and reports on the execution time of the note (usr + sys) clocked from the last call to setnote, its starting and ending times, the overall peak amplitude so far, and the peak amplitude of each output channel. Its only really important functions are to load the peak amplitude (this can be done by hand if the run is ended prematurely (see sfhedit), and write out any incomplete buffer. If endnote is not called chances are that you will not get the last sound segment. If WIPEOUT was used to write samples the unused portion of the last buffer will be flushed with 0's.

The value 'filenum' is the number of the file to which you have been writing as determined by the second argument of an earlier 'open' command.

See Also

WIPEOUT, ADDOUT, LAYOUT, setnote sfhedit


This call does not return any values. If 'filenum' does not point to an opened writeable file the run will be terminated.